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Educational apps and games for children

Here we have collected a number of apps and games that children can use to learn something. Topics are mathematics, nature, problem-solving, empathy, music, construction, sensible use of the internet, and the like.

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Apps and games for kids are often all about pure entertainment. We list below a number of apps and games that have an extra dimension, such as being able to learn something or get out into nature. The list does not necessarily include “school apps” that are designed to fulfill the curricula, but still one can learn something.

Children can use some of the apps on their own. But many also provide a good opportunity to sit with the child. One of the apps is a game that takes place in a hospital. For example, when the child visits the X-ray department, you will have a great opportunity to tell what it is.

As an adult, you should read our review of the individual app or games before telling your child that it’s okay to download. For example, we provide recommended age limits from PEGI. As usual, there are some risks associated with apps and games:

  • If the app allows for chat, your child may come into contact with strangers with malicious intent. Connecting to the internet can also mean leaving unfortunate traces, for example about which address you are staying at. However, not all apps and games need to be connected to the internet in order to be used.
  • In the case of outdoor apps, i.e., apps that will be used outdoors in connection with nature or the like, there may be a risk of getting lost in the forest or walking across the street without looking in.
  • Children may be intimidated or see something inappropriate. Again: Check the age limit and our review.

NB! In some of the links below, there are long lists of suggestions.

Various subjects such as music, mathematics, Norwegian language, etc.
Body and Psychology
Building, creativity, problem-solving
Apps that combine with our physical reality
Sensible use of the internet

Teaching videos for children:

Resources for school:
Activities for children

Activities during the pandemic (or when you run out of ideas). The list shows everything from gym exercises to teaching about the parliament.

Movies that you might be able to learn something from
Articles for parents who want to teach their children something
Put away the screen and get some physical activity?

(Translated from Norwegian by Ratan Samadder)