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Norwegian children and their phones and apps

Are you an immigrant? Almost all Norwegian children between 9 and 11 years old have their own mobile phones. If you have moved to Norway, you may come from a country where it is common for children to be much older before they get their own phone.

REVIEW: Fortnite (Gaming Platform)

A dynamic social gaming platform that provides access to various types of games. This includes the classic Fortnite: Battle Royale, LEGO Fortnite, along with role-playing adventures, and a variety of horror and racing games.

Halloween movies for children

Here, we present a selection of mildly scary movies suitable for children to enjoy on Halloween. Remember to check the recommended age limits.

Game Week 2023

3 out of 4 children and adolescents in Norway play video games, according to Children and Media (Barn og Medier) 2022. So, it can be said that it is one of the biggest leisure activities among Norwegian children. 

Signs of «grooming»

When an adult or adolescent attempts to befriend a child with the intention to abuse, it is called «grooming». Here are some tips and information about grooming.

Snapchat My AI: What parents should know about it

Your kids are talking to a synthetic omniscient friend inside the app Snapchat. The artificial conversation-friend based on ChatGPT gives the experience of a supportive “human being.” However, our tests found that it provided hair-raising factual errors every now and then. We have also found that it lacks transparency about how it is put together and what personal data is collected.

Some important advice on kids’ security online

Mobile phones, computers, apps, and games can contain a lot of information that children should keep safe and private. Fortunately, there are smart ways to protect them from fraud and crime. Here, you can read the facts and advice on this topic.

How games and apps manipulate and monitor children

Profiles are created for children to sell advertising and to keep their interest over time. In the worst case, vulnerabilities in children can also be exploited in an unethical way, says Finn Myrstad, Senior Adviser of the Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet).

Watch 1200 movies online from the Norwegian library for free

Filmoteket gives anyone with a Norwegian library card the opportunity to borrow and watch movies from the internet. Here there is a selection of children's and youth films, as well as entertainment, TV series, and documentaries for all ages. The offer costs nothing as it is part of the libraries' lending services.

Porn, kids and media

More and more young people are watching porn. Some are watching it for the first time at primary school age. However, young people themselves believe that they are affected by porn for better or for worse. Here you can read the facts and advice on this topic.

FIFA is marketing VISA and Adidas to kids in Roblox games

GAMES AND ADVERTISING: Children are exposed to advertising pressure from an early age. Now FIFA has launched a new football game in the Roblox Universe in partnership with Visa and Adidas. Elton John is also marketed with his own game there.

Review: BeReal

REVIEW: Social app attempts to facilitate the sharing of “real” everyday moments. Users are encouraged to share content at certain times during the day.

Omegle – website for video chat with random strangers

Omegle is an anonymous video chat website where you automatically connect to strangers. The terms of use require that you are 18 years old to use the service. Barnevakten Kids and Media advises against children and adolescents using Omegle.

Game week – good memories together

OCTOBER 17-23: In week 42, ‘Barnevakten’ invites all adults in Norway to play with the children. Create good memories. Sign up for our event and choose freely from a week of exciting content such as Minecraft building competitions, webinars, educational materials for schools, and more.

Instagram Review

Popular social media to share videos and photos with friends and the whole world using creative tools. Parents should be aware of parental settings that can make Instagram safer to use.

Five Roblox games you can test with your kids

Build and run a restaurant or amusement park with the kids. Play hide and seek or run through some crazy obstacle courses. Here are some Roblox game tips that you and your kids can play together.

How to set up a Chromebook for kids

With a Chromebook, children can visit websites, do homework, watch YouTube, and download apps and games from Google Play. With parental settings in place, you can block inappropriate websites and purchases and give your kids a customized YouTube experience.

Are movie and game ratings only for nervous parents?

Children should be allowed to be children. They should not have nightmares from watching scenes in movies and games where people are shot in the head and the blood spatters around. However, not everyone agrees with that.

TikTok Review

The popular and creative services of TikTok make it easy to watch and share short video clips with others. Parents should familiarize themselves with the settings to ensure children greater privacy and reduce harmful content.

Snapchat Review

Snapchat makes it easy to communicate with friends and groups with photos, text, and videos that “disappear” after viewing. In addition, you can watch videos and content from all over the world. Here we have provided some good advice and useful settings for the app.

Roblox: Game guide for parents and teachers

Roblox can be compared to Netflix or YouTube – but for games! Here kids and young people can log in and access thousands of games created by other users and professional game developers.

How to block ads on your child’s devices

For many years it has been possible not to watch advertising while surfing internet. But now there are advertisements on almost every site you visit. Here we will explain how you can easily remove those ads from your kids' digital devices using ad blockers.

YouTube: All you need to know to make it kid-friendly

YouTube is a video streaming service that provides access to a sea of content. However, it can be characterized by a lot of advertising as well as videos that are not suitable for children. In this article, we’ll show you how you can customize YouTube for kids with parental settings. The YouTube app is marked “parental guidance” by PEGI and 17+ years in the App Store.