Call of Duty: Warzone

REVIEW: The popular call of duty series offers a standalone, free battle royale game with a realistic feel. Please note that the game has been rated from 18 years of age by PEGI.

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PS4/Xbox One/Windows. PEGI recommended age limit from 18 years.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a standalone part of the latest Call of Duty game that can be downloaded for free and regardless of whether you already own the main game. The game is available for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation and is in the genre of first-person shooter games.

Up to 150 people are released on a giant island with cities, factories, airports, rivers, roads, forests, and other types of buildings. You must then collect weapons and resources that are distributed in different places on the map and fight against others until the last team is left (up to three people on each team).

As with other battle royale games, the game map is constantly shrinking due to a toxic gas, which leads to frequent confrontations.

Call of Duty – Warzone
  • Format: PS4 / Xbox One / Windows
  • Genre: Action / first person shooter game
  • Developer: Infinity Ward
  • Publisher: Activision

Warzone nevertheless has a unique twist that differs from other games in the genre. Among other things, you can make contracts/missions in the game to eliminate specific individuals, and one can look for money to buy upgrades, weapons, and unique military equipment to help in combat.

When fellow players die in battle, they are sent to a prison camp (Gulag) where they meet another player in a duel to the death. Whoever wins the game gets to come back to the game again. In addition, it is possible to buy fallen teammates back into the game if you get enough cash.

Warzone also has another section called «Plunder» where the goal is to raise as much money as possible to win the game.

Call of Duty targets a market with other battle royale games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This isn’t the first time COD has created a battle royale variant, but it’s the first time they’ve launched the mode as free for everyone.

Warzone offers solid graphics, a massive island with details of its surroundings and a tactical approach out on the battlefield. You play as a team, can communicate and collaborate, save each other when someone is injured, point out goals and enemies, give each other coverage, share equipment, and much more. The game is built on the basis of teamwork, which varies depending on who you play with of course.

It is possible to play with friends, or you can be paired with random people online. The game also has voice chat.

Warzone has an obvious advantage of being based on an already well-known game series. The game has a realistic approach in terms of weaponry and the movement of characters in the landscape.

This certainly contributes to a greater passion. Also thanks to good graphics, game mechanics with good flow and high-level sound quality.

If you want a game that promotes team cooperation and fighting in a realistic war, this is a game that brings about a lot of this.

There are also skills to learn that provide benefits in battle. Like stabilizing weapons, changing the type of bullets, lying/crawling in cover, preying on weapons, and the like.

Yet the game is far from impossible to master for those who are new to the concept. So, Call of Duty gets to the balance of a real learning curve while at the same time the threshold is appropriately low for new players.

Being able to drive different vehicles is also a welcome feature. Several people can sit together in a helicopter, a truck or you can speed around on a quad bike. Walking through buildings from room to room can also be an intense experience as the next enemy can always be right around the next corner, or in hiding with a sniper rifle.


Call of Duty: Warzone has been given the recommended age limit from PEGI of 18 years. This is due to strong depictions of violence and rude language.

The game has a consistently realistic representation with war scenarios that can be perceived as realistic.

You fight with pistols, guns, sniper rifles, grenades, mines, and other weapons of war. Since the game is viewed from a first-person perspective, the engagement and intensity are great.

The game also contains some blood, and soldiers show pain when shot down. There’s also a mode (Gulag) where the characters beat each other with fists.

There’s some bad language in the game. And you can use real money to buy cosmetic content and a so-called «battle pass» that speeds up progression and unique cosmetic benefits. These do not provide advantages in battle, however.

Please note that it is possible to report players who behave inappropriately. There are also friends lists and you can send/receive/refuse friend requests in the game. There is also game chat (audio). But it is possible to mute the sound of the players. You can also adjust whether teams fill up automatically with random players online, or that you should only play alone/with friends.


0-17 years: Below age marking, minors are discouraged.

18+: Warzone is a good intuitive way to get started. You get training at the beginning that teaches the basics. With the opportunity to play online with and against others, there is no upper limit to the possibility of challenge. The game is intuitive and easy to pick up for those familiar with the shooter genre but requires time and patience to get really good. Here you need to train reaction time and precision when aiming, communication skills with teammates, and the ability to understand the game universe, weapons, and tactical advantages on the game maps.

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(Written on 15 March 202o. Translated from Norwegian to English by Ratan.)