Game for children and parents: Licence to use phone

Use this playful exercise created to help children learn more about mobile phone usage and become aware of making smart choices – whether they already have their own mobile phone or desire one.

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Many children and parents have questions and discussions about mobile phone usage and rules, so it can be nice to take the test together with the children. The test is designed to make it easier and safer for children to start using their first mobile phone. The test also includes some good tips for parents.

The test contains a series of questions related to sensible mobile phone usage and aims to assess whether a child is mature enough to use their own mobile phone.

Note: The game «Mobile licence» is currently only available in English.

Who is behind it?

The Mobile App is developed by Telenor in collaboration with Barnevakten.

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A brief explanation about the Norwegian language: In Norwegian, «bilsertifikat» or «førerkort» is abbreviated to the word «lappen,» which literally means just a piece of paper. Norwegians might ask you if you have «lappen,» but they’re actually asking if you have permission to drive a car. «Mobil» means mobile phone. Together it becomes «Mobillappen,» a term just for fun. You don’t need a certificate to use a phone in Norway.