Five Roblox games you can test with your kids

Build and run a restaurant or amusement park with the kids. Play hide and seek or run through some crazy obstacle courses. Here are some Roblox game tips that you and your kids can play together.

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Super popular Roblox is not just one game, but a platform that literally provides access to millions of games. A bit like Netflix provides access to many movies and series. There are a lot of funny and exciting games for children, as well as a whole lot of weird and strange games.

Although Roblox is free, every single game is developed by users on the platform. Some games contain violence, others can be intimidating. Some are made in such a way that kids will want to spend real money to buy digital items and “season passes” inside the games.

Here, we have come up with five suggestions that can be a great starting point for parents and children to play together. So that you can gain some insight into the children’s game world.

What do you need to play Roblox games?

Not much. A mobile phone and access to the internet. Roblox games can also be played on PC and Xbox. It is free to create an account on Roblox.

Build and run a restaurant with the kids

The game Tycoon is a construction and administration game. In Restaurant Tycoon 2, you have to build and take care of the everyday tasks in a restaurant. It includes basic tasks like laying out floors, walls, tables, chairs, kitchen counters, refrigerators, stoves, and others.

Eventually, guests arrive. You have to take orders and cook. Once the business grows over time, you can hire chefs and waiters. You can expand the premises, upgrade the menus, and much more.

Playing with a friend or parent allows players to exchange works – who is in the kitchen and who serves. It is a fun exchange where the children learn to manage finances and budgets, and they get to be creative in terms of the design and layout of the premises.

You can expend real money to get more in-game currency and other benefits. However, the buying pressure is relatively low in this game.

Create your own amusement park

Theme Park Tycoon 2 seems to be heavily inspired by PC construction games. Here you have to create your own amusement park. One must both build and operate. The goal is to create a full-fledged amusement park with various attractions such as rides, roller coasters, food stalls, etc.

You have to manage the budget and satisfy the guests. You can read guest satisfaction scores in different polls. The park must be adapted accordingly.

In addition, children can “drive” the rides and play with design as it is possible to place pathways, benches, lights, trees, water, and much more to decorate the surroundings. It is also possible for several people to collaborate in the same park.

The game has purchasing options, and it is possible to pay for various season passes and more in-game currency. However, it is not so fussy, and you get a lot of playing time without spending a single penny.

Colorful and resilient obstacle courses

Obby is a genre of its own on Roblox and revolves around getting through obstacle courses. The concept might be inspired by games like Super Mario and other platform games.

An example is oMega Obby Parkour 550 Stages!  Here you have to balance over narrow passages, jump from one bullet to another, avoid rotating lasers and wind your way past rotating platforms, ladders, and much more.

The style of play is addictive and almost a bit meditative. With pleasant background music, one can enjoy mastering one level after the next. Well, as long as you don’t fall into the void under the obstacle courses.

Drawing competitions and guessing games

For those who want more traditional ‘board games,’ there are also guessing and drawing games inside Roblox.

In Guess the Drawing!, drawing and guessing the word goes on in turn. Participants are given hints along the way, such as how many letters the word contains, and eventually, one after another letters reveal.

You get the most pleasure from playing with serious players, and since it’s online, there can potentially be inappropriate drawings by others. However, there are reporting options if your children are exposed to inappropriate content.

There is also a buying element here and one can pay Robux to reveal hints. But it is not a big deal to miss this ‘cheating opportunity.’

Play hide and seek in drawers and closets

Who would have thought that playing hide-and-seek in digital format would be so exciting? Mega Hide and Seek! is precisely the traditional children’s game, though with some fun varieties.

The participants must hide. The surroundings vary, might be gardens, living rooms, and laboratories. In addition, there are several game modes, for example, a variant in which two persons search together, or a mode in which all those who are captured turn into zombies and capture the rest.

The game has some purchasing options to increase the likelihood of you being the one who searches. Besides that, it is about who will hide and who will search.

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(Translated from Norwegian by Ratan Samadder)