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Here you can read more about how to find useful parental settings for game consoles, mobile, and PC.

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When you buy a new game console, gaming PC, or mobile phone, the product is basically made for an adult. This means that you get free access to websites, games, and apps with a high age limit, chat, and purchase options.

For that reason, all the major players such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, and Google- have created parental settings that customize these machines for children.

What to limit:

  • Separate child accounts managed by parents
  • Block children from changing the settings you’ve chosen for them
  • Screen time – at what times and how much children should be allowed to play
  • Reports showing kids’ time spent on various games and apps
  • Purchases – so your kids can’t buy games without your permission
  • Spending – give your children “pocket money” so that they can shop for a certain amount in the game stores, or that they have to ask your permission first via a message sent to your mobile
  • Content – restrict access to games and apps with higher age ratings
  • Chat and communication – choose whether or not the children be allowed to chat with others
  • Privacy – choose how visible your children will be to others online

Some tips and advice:

Feel free to download an accompanying app or use the manufacturer’s website to control the gaming machine from your own mobile/browser. It also makes sense to let your children have their own child users who are separate from your own. Lock your user account with a password so that the children cannot change the settings afterward.

To set up the gaming machine for your kids:

Click on the link below to come up with a thorough guide for your device:

Playstation 5 Xbox Series X/S
Playstation 4 Xbox One
Windows-PC Nintendo Switch
Iphone/Ipad/Mac (Apple) Android(Google)

(Translated from Norwegian by Ratan Samadder)