Movie tips: Learn more about Norwegian history

Tips for good and educational films for children and adolescents. Whether at school or home, this collection of movies can both entertain and increase insight into Norwegian history.

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In this article, we have brought out a bunch of movies from Barnevakten’s large database of movie reviews that are about one or more historical events or people.

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From six years

«Yohan – Barnevandrer» (English title: Yohan: The Child Wanderer)

Yohan – Barnevandrer

Norwegian drama, 2010
Barnevakten’s Assesment: Recommended from seven years

The film is an Askeladden story about a ten-year-old talented boy Yohan. He lives on a poor farm with his parents and four siblings. Yohan is forced to migrate to the richer farms in the east of southern Norway. There he becomes a shepherd and guards the cattle against wolves and bears and threatening people. The film is true to the historical facts about child migrations in Southern Norway at the end of the 19th century.
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From nine years

«Flukten over grensen» (English title: The Crossing)

Flukten over grensen

Norwegian drama, 2020
Barnevakten’s Assessment: Recommended from nine years and above

This is a strong Norwegian children’s film with important and exciting themes and very good child actors. The idea of telling a war story told on children’s terms, from a child’s point of view, is brilliant. It opens up many exciting perspectives while giving children access to an important and thought-provoking genre. This is a wise and important story that is very suitable as a starting point for learning about both war and human nature for better or for worse. And the fact that the film avoids making a clear distinction between who is good and who is bad, based on the ‘uniform’ one wears, conveys a great message to young viewers.
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«Kongens nei» (English title: The King’s Choice)

Norwegian drama, 2016
Barnevakten’s assessment: Recommended from 9 years

This is a strong description of some of the most important days in Norway’s history. In this movie, we follow the dramatic hours around 9th April 1940, when Germany invaded Norway and Norway’s government had to decide how to deal with the situation – surrender and lie down under Germany voluntarily or declare war. The King’s decision in this situation is a very important event in the history of Norwegian democracy, and the film shows how King Haakon VII must make very conscious choices based on his role in society. The drama is low-key, with relatively little action and more focus on personal descriptions. The way Haakon is portrayed as a whole person, with everything from his back problems to his great care for children, is done in a warm and moving way – and masterfully played by Jesper Christensen.
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Norwegian drama, 2012
Barnevakten’s Assessment: Recommended from 9 years

The story of Thor Heyerdahl’s amazing journey across the Pacific Ocean has become a magnificent, exciting, and visually impressive adventure. The images are wonderfully beautiful, and the sea appears as a mighty, infinitely beautiful, and at times relentless force of nature. Children and young people can learn a lot of values about Heyerdahl’s achievement. However, note that the filmmakers have taken liberties about what really happened.
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From twelve years



Norwegian drama, 2019
Barnevakten’s Assessment: Recommended from twelve years

This is a cold movie. The scenes from the ice-covered wilderness are crackling with cold, and the portrayal of the protagonist is also as cold as nature, a picture of a strong, stubborn and at times merciless man. The story is told from the brother’s perspective, which allows us to reflect and make our own reasoning about Amundsen as a person. The film is about an important and proud part of Norway’s history and is excellent for young people.
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«Den største forbrytelsen» (English title: Betrayed)

Den største forbrytelsen

Norwegian drama, 2020
Barnevakten’s assessment: Recommended from twelve years

Strong and uncomfortable, but important and very good drama about the persecution of Jews in Norway. Den største forbrytelsen is an ambitious and magnificent film that will make you angry, sad, uncomfortable – but hopefully also more aware of and engaged in important social issues that are still relevant. The film succeeds very well in portraying the endless unfairness and cruelty to which an ordinary Norwegian family was subjected – just because they were Jews. Note that this movie is perceived as very strong, and it will not leave anyone unaffected when the credits arrive. The film is realistically portrayed, and it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to watch, and it has some violent scenes and shows abuse.
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«Spionen» (English title: The Spy)


Norwegian drama, 2019
Barnevakten’s Assessment: Recommended from twelve years

Exciting and instructive drama about Sonja Wigert, the diva who was recruited by both the Swedes and the Germans to engage in espionage during World War II. Sonja Wigert was a well-known name in the late 1930s and into the days of the war, both in Norway and Sweden. She was a Norwegian actress who lived in Stockholm and frequented the cultural and political elite. Sonja initially hesitates to choose sides in the conflict, but after his father is arrested by the Germans, the choice becomes easy. Sonja is recruited by Swedish intelligence and is tasked with spying on the Germans. But then the Germans ask her to spy on the Swedes, and the deadly game develops into very difficult to handle.
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«Birkebeinerne» (English title: The Last King)

Norwegian drama, 2015
Barnevakten’s assessment: Suitable for twelve years and above

When King Håkon Sverresson was killed in 1204, Norway finds itself in a dramatic power struggle. On one side are the Baglers, who are in control of Eastern Norway and trying to take power throughout Norway. On the other side are the supporters of the king’s illegitimate son – the infant Håkon Håkonsson. Birkebeinerne has assembled a solid team of actors who deliver good performances. The film is beautifully photographed, where a historic Winter Norway is depicted through beautiful images. Then it is disappointing that the story appears unfocused and fails to arouse great engagement.
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Norwegian drama, 2018
Barnevakten’s assessment: Suitable for twelve years and above

In 1936, the world is at the feet of Sonia Henie. She is an Olympic champion and the greatest figure skater of all time. After meeting an American investor, she decides to go to Hollywood and within a short time has received both a film contract and a popular ice-skating show. Sonja is a well-made film with nerves and drama, but we think the film has a somewhat one-sided focus on the dark side of Sonja Henie, both as a person and as a famous star. We never get a deeper look into what drives Sonja as a human being. But the acting performances are solid, and the portrayals of the characters are well executed.
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(Written on 1 December 2021 and translated by Ratan)